Where We Work

Maya Education Initiatives works in the poorest region of Nepal. MEI selected the location in a remote village known as Thori because Thori is just located on the border between Nepal and India where there is always a high risk for the girl child to be captivated by the human trafficker. And, the village is one of the most remote villages which had no electricity and road access back in 2013. But, recently Thori has got electricity and road access. Our community development approach is very simple we give education to children to break the cycle of poverty. MEI only supports children who are orphans, single mother-child, backward community children and who are captivated by the cycle of poverty. Once the child is selected for the child sponsorship project then a child will have a healthy start, and the opportunity to grow through quality education. We save children’s lives and secure their futures.

Impack of Child Sponsorship Program - Case Study

MEI School

MEI School is an initiative of Maya Education Initiatives (MEI). MEI School is opened by the MEI & Founding Members of MEI and is operated under the management of MEI, which provides quality education to MEI children and the local children on a paid basis. The income generated from MEI School is donated to Maya Education Initiatives (MEI). MEI also provides internships and volunteering in MEI School, which wants to explore and work in the poorest regions and develop villages.

MEI School Teams

Mr Hira Lal Tamang (Hira Lama)
Dr Draupati Tamang
Miss Himala Rai
Miss Saru Tamang
Mr Ram Bista
Miss Soyata Khadka
Miss Suzana Nepali
Mrs Susila Bohara
Mrs Samjhana Bista (Sister)
Mrs Gita Devi ( Sister)
Mr Saugat Rijal ( Driver)

Who We Support