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  • hira lama
  • 20-08-2022

Support teachers training program 2022

1.    IT training for teachers ( One Month )
The IT Training for Teachers  (ITT) programme is aimed  to teachers to upgrade them in Information and Technology. The ITT programme prepares the teachers to be able to teach in IT friendly environment and can conduct E-Learning classes in the school. 

The objective of this course is to produce high end dynamic teachers who can teach the students in IT friendly method in the class rooms
Course Duration: 1 Month

IT Teachers Training (ITT) course modul:

S.N Particulars Training Hours Refference
1. Work-Sheets    
2. Docs-Word    
3. Slides-PowerPoint    
4. Google Forms, Database    
5. Computer Operating System    
6. Basic Concepts of Accounts    
7. Uses of Printer, projector, camera and issues solving    
8. Online tools for Pei chart, Bar graphs etc.    
9. Complete Internet Uses    
10. Computer Fundamentals    
11. Photography    
12 Photo Editing    

The cost of the project 
Fee for IT trainer for one month –Rs. 45000 ( $450)
Fee of Photography and Photoshop Trainer – Rs. 20000 ($200)
One DSLR Camera for training – Rs.1,50,000 ( $1500)
One desktop computer – Rs.1,50,000 ($1500)

Total cost of training : 3,60,000/-  ($3600)
Other essential materials such as other sets of computer, papers,, projectors are available in the school

Fund a teachers training now and give a quality education to needy child tommorow!

If any has the skills to give a training than you are encourage to apply as volunteer or paid volunteer. Like this also we will me able to cut of the cost of training and  IT Training for Teachers  (ITT) program can take place on the targetted time period. 

Every penny of your donation will be contributed on todays teachers trainning and tommorrow's qualified students that can be produced from this training's input. 

#DonateForTeachersTraining #IT_Trainning_for_Teachers

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