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  • thori
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Sahil Golay Tamang

Namastay! I'm Sahil Golay Tamang. I live in thori and study in class two. Sahil Golay is from the tamang village of thori which located in the north-east of thori and share the bourder with Chitwan National Park. Frequent visit of wild animals in their village is a normal daily life of this village. 

Mother Name: Maya tamang 
Father Name: Dipesh tamang

Summary: Sahil Goaly Tamang and his family were staying in Kathmandu, and he was studying in the Kathmandu's bording school before the lockdown. But due to COVID-19 lockdown, his parents lost their job and had to go back to thori. In Thori also, they don't have enough land to cultivate, which makes their living difficult. Now, the family is trapped in the vicious circle of poverty and having serious problems for the daily meals, so to afford for their son's education is out of question for the family.