Volunteer in Nepal

I want to tell you how much I love it here! The staff has been so welcoming and the children are really well-behaved and respectful! I’m also so impressed with how organized it is! I’m so happy to have been placed in a Maya Education Initiatives where the teachers really care about the children and the establishment!

(Susan, USA, 2014)

Volunteers, usually from abroad, become known as “aunties” and “uncles” by the children. Their job is to help the children in studying or teaching, assist with their homework and spend the off time with them as they play and visit their houses with MEI representatives. The volunteers are posted to MEI School, Thori, Parsa. 

To volunteer in the MEI organization, you will have to donate USD200,  We require volunteers to commit to at least a one-month stay and more. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit MEI Nepal.
To apply, please download, complete, and return this form to us. The form is in MS Office Word 97-2003 format; if you would prefer a PDF version, please click here.
Volunteers are expected to abide by the rules in the volunteer contract. A copy of the contract will be sent to you if your initial application has been successful.

How to become a volunteer
The most important requirement to be a volunteer is that you love connecting with children.
It is also significant that you are willing to learn about Nepalese culture, as it is a poor country, and it can sometimes be a major cultural adjustment.

Information you need to know:
•Donation: USD200, once (this will cover food, accommodation, and administration cost of volunteer in Nepal project and remaining 25% will go to volunteer project)
• Airfares and transfers (taxi to and from the airport): you are required to fund your own way there.
• Accommodation: there is a strong network of volunteers in Kathmandu. So if you want a social time, there are many local guesthouses to choose from. If you want to spend all your time with the children, there is a room close to the school that is available.
• Food: if you want to eat with the MEI family, MEI will provide meals for you; predominantly dahl baht, a Nepalese dish consisting of white rice, potato curry and lentils. Many volunteers like to purchase Western food or fruit and vegetables, which are not provided at the MEI. We recommend that you put enough money aside for this option, and also ask that you don’t eat such food in front of the children.
To see what our past volunteers say about their experience, please visit our Testimonials Page.