Donate to set up a computer class in MEI School

Donate to set up a computer classroom and give an opportunity to learn computers to young children of a remote village. This is an opportunity to make an impact on a large number of children and to create a classroom after you or in the memory of your beloved ones.  i.e. ABC computer class, donated by XYZ on the memory of DEF in 2022. 

An opportunity to create a trace of your footprint on the other side of the world and moreover needy children of a remote village will have full access to computer class, where they have never dreamt up.  

With the development in IT, the computer has become an essence of living day-to-day life. As everything is going online if you need a buy a piece of bread then also you need to have knowledge of online and the process of using it. So, computer classes in schools allow students to put their creativity to the proper use. For example, if a class is giving a project work to and students have to search those required arts, diagrams, images etc then also he/she needs have knowledge of computer. 

A student gives a better performance who has been taking a computer class. 

Computers in education have been known to improve the performance of students by helping them to engage better with their school work. It’s believed that computers in education completely enhance students’ mathematical knowledge, and critical thinking, and improve scores, besides helping with problem-solving.  Computers are also known to play a major role in students' ability to score high in their competitive exams. By introducing computers to 3 and 4 years old children, they will see gainful improvements in abstraction, intelligence, non-verbal skills, as well as long-term memory.

Conclusion; why a school should have a computer class?

Computers in education have become an absolute necessity today and are so ingrained in our daily lives that not knowing computers can become a significant liability.

At MEI School, we want to establish the computer at school as one of the easiest ways to gain knowledge apart from books. For this reason, we conduct regular computer classes to enhance our student’s knowledge and skills.
Currently, we have 3 sets of computers but in the 2023 new session, we are targeting to set up one computer room for the school where children can take their classes in their period wise. MEI School has introduced computer class from class one and practicals from class three to upper classes. 

Donate for computer classroom set-up. [ check list] 

S.N.  Particulars  Quantity  Cost (Rs.) Total Cost (Rs) Reference
1.  Desktop Computer  7  20000  1,40,000  3 we have
2.   Computer Desk  10  3000  30,000  Needed
3.  Computer Chair  10  2000  20,000  Needed
4.   Big Screen for teacher  1   25000  25000  Needed
            TOTAL  2,15,000  

The total cost to set up a computer classroom with 10 desktops on 10 desks and chairs; along with one big screen (Smart TV) will cost Rs.two lakh and fifteen thousand. Which is equivalent to € 1693, Euros. One Euro is equal to Rupees 127.  

Donate to set up a computer class in MEI School, and name the computer classroom after your name. It's the perfect time and situation to give the gift of education to young children of MEI School.