Fund to buy a School Bus

Why do MEI School needs school bus? 
MEI School is located in Thori ( 27.36101329007164, 84.60844440874915 ) Parsa, Nepal. In a borderline with India and the villages are remote and have in 2021 black top highway has been made throughout the village which connect to Birjung. 
Thori Rural Municipality
Area: 128.7 km²
Weather: 35°C, Wind W at 18 km/h, 32% Humidity
Population: 20,296 (2011)
Province: Province No. 2
District: Parsa District
This rural municipality has the population about, 18000, and the community consist of Tamang, Shrestha, Chhettri, Bramin and Dalit. Out of total population 80% are from Tamang, Shrestha, Dalit which are backward community and many don't have proper access to education. And, out of 10 students, 6 leaves school before completing grade 10. So MEI School targets to facilities these communities base children along with other communities to provide quality education, and it is possible when MEI School can provide bus facility to far away villages too. 

With the school bus facility MEI School is determined to give quality education to these backward communities and MEI Children (orphans, single mother child, families that fall under the line of poverty, indigenous community child and Dalit (person who do falls in the lowest caste system in Nepal, these people were treated as untouchable for many generation). 

With the School Bus facility MEI can take needier children from far away distance i.e. from more villages, currently MEI is giving free education to 45 children from two villages. 
In the first phase MEI School is going for the most cheap bus which will be second hand and can carry up to 60-70 children at once. 

Cost of the second hand bus will be around $7000 and extra $1000 for maintenance and this bus can be used like 2-3 years for the time being, after 3 years MEI School can go for the new bus at that time school will have more budget and finical situation of banks will also be improved so that they can flow the loans at that time.