Internship opportunity in Maya Education Initiatives

An Internship is an opportunity for a student to spend time with one or more employees at a business, non-profit organization, or government agency.  The objective is to provide an opportunity to observe and gain hands-on experience in how non-profit and industry work. 
By being at the worksite, students will get a firsthand perspective of the skills and tasks required on the job.  The goal of the Community Library Establishment Project 2017 Internship program is to increase the student’s knowledge of workplace skills and receive on-the-job or field experience.  The internship experience is selected based on the student’s performance and fieldwork.  In addition, it enables the respective college teacher/coordinator to communicate to students what skills and knowledge are necessary to enter certain careers.  Internships also help teachers keep their curricula up-to-date. 
Internships help students: 
• Gain hands-on experience at a community or field level to build upon skills learned in the classroom. 
• Establish a clear connection between education and work. 
• Develop an understanding of the workplace under the guidance of an adult mentor or teacher
• Develop workplace responsibility and learn about workplace realities. • Establish professional contacts for future employment and mentoring. 
• Establish positive work habits and attitudes.
• Learn technical skills that will be invaluable for future jobs.
• Understand what education opportunities are available that will lead to a career in their chosen career pathway.

Benefits to Students 
• Career-related experience 
• Gains practical knowledge 
• Opportunity to explore career avenues 
• Valuable work experience for their resumes 
• Potential to earn academic credit 
• Increased self-confidence 
• Enhances conventional classroom learning methods 
• Letter of recommendation from department's supervisor 
• Obtain references from co-workers


Information about the Organization and Internship
Internship Leader: Maya Education Initiatives Project Manager(CLEP) &
Subject Teacher from Respective Collage
The Internship Coordinator will: 
• Conduct on-campus recruiting to ensure students are aware that the department is offering internship opportunities 
• Assist in the selection of interns 
• Promote internship opportunities within the department 
• Serve as the contact regarding the department’s internships 
• Review and revise the department’s internship procedures as needed 
• Serve as a liaison between intern supervisors and colleges

»  Name of Organization: Maya Education Initiatives (MEI)
» Contact Office- Chabhil
 » Contact Person: Mr.Hira Lama

Information about the organization:
Maya Education Initiatives works in the poorest region of Nepal. MEI gives children what every child deserves—a healthy start, the opportunity to grow through quality education. We save children’s lives and secure their futures.
Our Vision
To provide children a sense of limitless possibility to be the hope of tomorrow through educational opportunity.
Our Mission
MEI gives children the opportunity to build the foundation for their dreams. MEI gives them hope to dream and secure their future. Join us to be a part of life-changing Initiatives.
For more details:

» Purpose: Internship for MEI (CLEP 2017)
» Internee Should: Has to be internee for the community Library   Establishment Project (CLEP)2017 at Thori VDC, Parsa-District.
»Qualification of Internee:  High School Passed
»Information and duration of Community Library Establishment Project 2017 (CLEP) 
Time Duration Per Day: In the First phase of CLEP an internee has to give two hours per day mim.
Starting Date and Ending Date: 15th Jan 2017 – 22nd Feb 2017 First Phase 
Time Duration of Internship: 5 Weeks
» Facilities: Snacks and Transportation cost will be provided for the “Meeting and Interaction Day”
» Internee is guided as Students who are interested in an internship must send their CV  and cover letter mentioning why she/he wants to do an internship with MEI or Non-Profit Organization.
» Expected learning outcomes- 
Internee must accomplish the 5 weeks of the CLEP campaign 
Should be able to work in zero budget to accomplish the target                                                                            Must have communication skills and convincing power to audience or peers or friends                                                        Must develop team player and leadership from the internship
Must develop Speaking powers from the internship
Must develop Social media management skills from the program
Must develop E-Mail Marketing skills from the internship

NOTE: Internee should have a learning and time management attitude to be eligible for the internship program of CLEP.